Since 2001 and thanks to its professional sellers network for Spain & Andorra, DMOT GESTION S,L.U has helped companies with their activities and merchandising always under brand’s supervision.


What can we offer to your company?


  • Sales management

We are able to carry out our activities in the nationwide (including Balearic and Canary Islands and Andorra) thanks to the efforts of our sales network  and our professional agents.


  • Area management 

My responsibility will be the link between your brand and our sales network in the Spanish territory.

Planning the sales strategy, together with our long experience on Spanish market, will allow you to obtain good results without letting an importer control the whole market.

Margins will be higher for your company once eliminated the importer figure.

  •   Banks 

In order to sell in Spain, bank receipts should be issued and you’ll have to open a bank account in Spain.

  •  Press office

With the aim of reinforcing your company image, we have an external press office in charge of sending press releases to the different Spanish magazines.



DMOT GESTION S,L.U headquarters are at the centre of the Barcelonese highway network where a modern, well-equipped showroom is available to all its clients for exhibiting their products or holding business meetings. 

2016/2017 (2.5MB)
2016/2017 (2.5MB)